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A Is for Apple

Acro Dance

Adding Apples

All About Me
(Set of 8)

Alphabet Fun
(Set of 26)


Animal Coverings

Animal Ears

Animal Eyes

Animal Groups (Set of 8)

Animal Horns

Animal Legs

Animal Mouths

Animal Noses

Animal Parts
(Set of 8)

Animal Tails

Animals Live Here (Set of 6)


Around the World (Set of 8)

At the Apple Orchard

At the Factory

At the Farm

At the Fire Station

At the Library

At the Museum

At the Nature Center

At the Zoo

B Is for Banana

Baby Chickens

Baby Cows

Baby Ducks

Baby Farm Animals (Set of 8)

Baby Goats

Baby Horses

Baby Llamas

Baby Pigs

Baby Sheep



Black and Blue: The BL Blend

Blue in My World

Bollywood Dance

Bring the Bread: The BR Blend


C Is for Cat

Civic Skills and Values
(Set of 10)

Clothes Around the World

Colors in My World (Set of 6)

Contemporary Dance

Counting Cars

D Is for Duck

Dance (Set of 8)

Dealing with Challenges
(Set of 8)



E Is for Elephant

Eating Right

F Is for Fish


Family Changes

Field Trips
(Set of 8)



Food Around the World

G Is for Giraffe

Games Around the World

Getting Exercise

Getting Sleep

Green in My World

Grief and Loss

H Is for Hippo


Hip-Hop Dance

Homes Around the World


How I Feel
(Set of 8)


I Can Clean Up

I Can Do It!
(Set of 6)

I Can Ride My Bike

I Can Stop Germs

I Can Swim

I Can Tell Time

I Can Tie My Shoes

I Draw a Dress: The DR Blend

I Feel Afraid

I Feel Angry

I Feel Bored

I Feel Excited

I Feel Happy

I Feel Lonely

I Feel Sad

I Feel Worried

I Got a Pet!
(Set of 10)

I Is for Ice Cream

I Like Basketball

I Like Cats

I Like Dogs

I Like Horses

I Like Soccer

I Like to Build

I Like to Dance

I Like to Paint

I See My Ear: The Long E Sound

If I Were a Cheetah

If I Were a Dolphin

If I Were a Penguin

If I Were a Polar Bear

If I Were a Shark

If I Were a Sloth

If I Were a Wolf

If I Were an Alligator

If I Were an Animal (Set of 8)


It’s My Birthday!

J Is for Jam

K Is for Kite

L Is for Leaf

La vida en el Ártico
(Life in the Arctic)

La vida en el bosque
(Life in the Forest)

La vida en el bosque pluvial
(Life in the Rain Forest)

La vida en el desierto
(Life in the Desert)

La vida en el océano
(Life in the Ocean)

La vida en las montañas
(Life in the Mountains)

Las cosas que me gustan
(Things I Like)(Set of 8)

Life in the Arctic

Life in the Desert

Life in the Forest

Life in the Mountains

Life in the Ocean

Life in the Rain Forest


Living Green
(Set of 8)


Los animales viven aquí (Animals Live Here) (Set of 6)

M Is for Monkey


Managing Friendships

Managing Time

Math Basics
(Set of 8)

Me gusta bailar
(I Like to Dance)

Me gusta construir
(I Like to Build)

Me gusta el baloncesto
(I Like Basketball)

Me gusta el futbol
(I Like Soccer)

Me gusta pintar
(I Like to Paint)

Me gustan los caballos
(I Like Horses)

Me gustan los gatos
(I Like Cats)

Me gustan los perros
(I Like Dogs)

Measuring at School

Mental Health



Musical Instruments
(Set of 8)

My Family
(Set of 4)

My Family Celebrates

My Family Eats

My Family Lives Here

My Friend Has Fries: The FR Blend

My Pet Bird

My Pet Cat

My Pet Dog

My Pet Ferret

My Pet Fish

My Pet Guinea Pig

My Pet Hamster

My Pet Lizard

My Pet Rabbit

My Pet Snake

N Is for Nest

Naming Money

O Is for Owl

On It, Phonics! Consonant Blends (Set of 6)

On It, Phonics! Vowel Sounds (Set of 10)

Orange in My World

P Is for Pumpkin

Penguin Patterns

People Around the World

People I Know

People in My Family



Picking Up Trash

Places I Go

Planting Trees

Purple in My World

Q Is for Queen

R Is for Rabbit



Red in My World



Respecting Nature


S Is for Star


Saving Energy

Saving Water

School Around the World


Shapes Everywhere


She Competes in Track and Field

She Plays Basketball

She Plays Lacrosse

She Plays Soccer

She Plays Softball

She Plays Sports (Set of 6)

She Plays Volleyball

Sorting Toys


Struggling at School

Subtracting Spiders

Swing Dance

T Is for Tiger

Taking Care of Myself (Set of 8)

Tap Dance


The Ant Is Black: The Short A Sound

The Blue Fruit: The Long U Sound

The Pot Is Hot: The Short O Sound

Things I Do

Things I Like
(Set of 8)

Things I See

This Is My Family

This Is Ten: The Short E Sound

This Kid Has a Fish: The Short I Sound

Toys Around the World

Transportation Around the World


Trying Hard in School

U Is for Umbrella


V Is for Valentine


W Is for Web

Walking, Biking, and Riding the Bus

We Bake a Cake: The Long A Sound

We Clap in Class: The CL Blend

We Cross the Creek: The CR Blend

We Go Home: The Long O Sound

We Run and Jump: The Short U Sound

What I Like: The Long I Sound

What I Wear

Where I Live


X Is for Xylophone


Y Is for Yarn

Yellow in My World

Z Is for Zebra

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